The Thin Line


Corporate life is filled with thin lines and gray areas.

There are too many rules that are open to individual interpretation. Often times, situations compel us to push on those thin lines to make things happen for important clients. It is during those times when the Christian salesman’s reputation is at stake. We are always under watch, and the world is counting on us to fail in our quest for integrity and purity. There is no shortage of people more than willing to point out the slightest strand of black in the white garment that we struggle to wear.

And when fault-finders set their sights on us, it is helpful to keep in mind the following:

1. Be humble enough to admit our mistakes. The God we serve isn’t overly fond of pride. If we indeed have overlooked something, or pushed things too far, it glorifies Him that we look for no excuse. It glorifies Him further if we learn from our mistakes and become a better person.

2. Company rules are man-made. I think we need to take this into account when our integrity is questioned. It is ridiculous for some people to equate man-made rules with the laws of God. For example, there are people who think that being late for a meeting reduces a Christian’s worth. Or mistakenly using the wrong budget for a certain expense makes a believer the worst human in the world. We can’t stop others to express their wrong beliefs. But we need to be sure of our self-worth. Breaking company rules by mistake should be avoided but they do not equate to breaking God’s laws (ten commandments) and feeling overly guilty about it, therefore, is a waste of time. We should carefully discern which matters are neutral to God and which are absolutely in line with His character.

3. Our worth is found on the cross of Jesus. When we’re under fire, let us rest on this fact: that we’re made pure and righteous not because of what we’ve done but because of what Jesus did on the cross. When we’re wrongfully accused, or unjustly treated, we should be as faithful as Jesus was on His way to Calvary. Let the enemy throw their accusations & destructive criticisms towards us. We shouldn’t fight back but rather just state the truth and rest in God. He’s always in control and is above all authority. If it is His will for you to stay in the company, He’s got you covered.

Blessings to you, dear reader.