The Power of Christ Over Karma


I often hear fellow Christians stating that they fear Karma. They even strive to be nice & good in order to get good Karma. Most think that, if you do good things, good things will come to you and vice versa.

And we Christians often accept this doctrine readily without thinking. Let’s brood over that for a while. Is a Christian bound by Karma? Can a follower of Christ control his future by his acts? Is Karma even a Christian doctrine?

Karma is found nowhere in the Bible and is not a Christian doctrine. It is a Buddhist and Hindi belief. It teaches that what you do comes back to you, good or bad.

We have to separate that from justice because they look alike. Karma teaches that you can control & manipulate your life with what you do. So if you make a mistake, it will stay with you like a debt that you gotta pay. When you do good, its like insurance that you can count on.

Justice is simply receiving what you deserve according to a set of rules or norms. Karma offers to empower you to manipulate your future, justice doesn’t. Justice only delivers the result of what you did. Its just cause & effect. When justice comes, you receive a reward or punishment. But the direction of your future is still yours to determine.

Christians are bound by God’s justice, not by Karma. As far as a believer’s future is concerned, it is a team up between him & God. Yes, God may give you a difficult judgement for you to learn your lessons, but your future is never lost. Once you realize your mistake and come clean with God, He will wipe your records clean.

The Christian is not bound by the laws of Karma. His or her future is no longer haunted by the past. The believer no longer fears the past, because of the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

Karma bows down before the cross of Jesus. It cannot stand before the grace of Christ.

Karma says to the Christian, “You will pay! I will hunt you to the end!”

But the Lord would answer, “No. You touch my guy and you’ll answer to Me. Whatever He did, I’ll pay for the consequences. This child has changed. Leave him alone.”

Its the same in the opposite end of the spectrum. If you think you deserve the best things in life because you’re such a perfect person, you’re setting yourself up for dissapointment. I mean, c’mon, haven’t you noticed that bad things happen to good people and great things happen to the bad?

In this case, Karma would say to you, “You’re such a great guy, you deserve only the very best…”

But Christ would answer, “It’s not that easy. I hold all good things and I say where they go. You may not agree with Me at times, but you have to trust Me. I have a grand plan. In the end, you will receive your good reward. Be patient.”

May God bless you with a full life my friend.