The Lion’s Den


It often feels like that in sales – being in the lion’s den. It doesn’t matter if you chose to be in it or fate forced sales upon you, it feels the same when you face the hungry lions around you.

It could be a manipulative client, a greedy business partner, a jealous colleague, a heartless competitor or a manager who only sees your faults. The Christian salesman is constantly surrounded by hungry lions.

And it’s often difficult to find the courage to continue. There will be thieves, dream killers, hecklers and destructive critics at every corner. And the believer is commanded to be meek in the middle of it all.

Instead of arming himself and fighting for every inch of territory, the Christian is taught not to fight back. But then it gets weird. Because the Christian is also urged to stand his ground, no matter how difficult things maybe.

Why this contradicting action? How can one not fight but at the same time stand his ground in a battle?

Only one sort of person does this. The person who relies on somethingelse. He refuses to fight back because he knows that he will be protected. He stands his ground because he knows that someone higher is in control. This is what Daniel of the Bible did.

He was thrown into the lion’s den and left to die. Instead of panicking and searching for a weapon, he knelt down and prayed. There was nothing to fear, his mighty God was with him. No weapon was needed, the Lord’s presence was enough.

The Christian salesman needs to remember this. When we’re thrown into our lions den, there’s no need to panic. God is in control. There’s no need to find a weapon and lash back, the presence of the Lord will be enough.

And I pray that we will all have the same experience as Daniel. I pray that our lions, by the wonders of our God, will be our unlikely friends.