The Companion


Man wakes to another day with his companion. This companion he’s always had. He’s called it many names, but the trouble it brings remains the same.

This companion brings too many questions. Questions that are too deep for comfort. Questions that he has no answers to. Questions he runs away from. For they take whatever joy he has achieved to hold.

As man looks towards nature, the companion asks, “What is the purpose of such beauty? And when this beauty turns into chaos, who drives it?”

“It all came by accident. No one drives it.” Man answers like he’s always done before.

As he looks at his reflection in the mirror, the companion asks, “Such a masterpiece! Why were you made? Why are you here?”

“To work. To be a part of humanity. To leap from whatever adventure to another,” Man replied.

As man looked at the work of his hands, his companion asked, “What is the point of all your work? You will leave all this one day.”

“I know… You never fail to remind me behind closed doors. I don’t know. As long as it gives me the money I need to survive and thrive, I don’t care what the point is.”

As man looked at the world – the healthy, the sick, the rich the poor – his companion gives him another nudge and asks again, “What about the world around you? Why are they here? Is it an accident too that you’re in the midst of them?”

“The rich I despise. The athletic I despise. The poor and the sick I despise all the more. I want them all to look up to me. That is I think why I’m in the midst of them. Which reminds me, I must get to work. Go away.”

“One more question, if you will,” the companion pleaded, “Wouldn’t it be a great thing if a good God were in the middle of all this?”

“If he is, he doesn’t care. And he’s not much of a god, really. Look at all that’s happening! Why even seek him out? Besides, he’s too busy with the nice people. He has no love for me.”

And so man kept going the same way he’s always done. As the years go by, he became more determined to ignore his companion. Man didn’t like being alone or being still, for he knows that the companion will bother him again.

So he poured out all his resources and all his efforts to keep on moving. He did it all. Work. Business. Investments. School. Achievements. Entertainment. Fitness. Travel. Shopping. Gadgets. Properties. Dining. Partying. Fashion. And a tinge of good deeds here and there.

It went on for years and years. And one day, man realized that his companion has finally lost him. Behind closed doors, his companion was no longer there. With a smile, he said to himself, “I have found success and fulfillment.”

And then, The Time came. That time when all things faded and broke down. The man wanted to keep going, but his body was failing him. He felt his heart run out of control and his legs giving way. He lay on the floor, feeling the coldness creeping in.

Knowing that the end is knocking on his door, he forced himself to think of the good life he has lived. He thought about his loved ones and that made him glad. He thought about the work he will leave, it will continue without him. He thought about the money he’s accumulated, that gave him a good sense of accomplishment. He thought about having seen the world and all it had to offer, it made him happy. He remembers all the people he has helped, that gave him joy.

And then he remembered, all that cannot go where he’s going now. He will have to be alone when the cold overwhelms him. No one and nothing can come with him, he knows. He will go to a place with an iron door that no one could open once shut. And he didn’t know what’s on the other side. All the good feelings were suddenly snatched away.

Strangely, a few moments before his heart and lungs stops, he yearned for the questions of his old companion.

“This may sound strange, but I wish you were here old friend,” He whispered to no one.

“I have never left you,” came the reply. His companion was there.

“My old friend. I am glad that you’re here in my final moments. It’s strange to miss you. Your presence bring me peace,” man said with slight smile.

His companion did not reply. He came near and smiled, but with sorrow in his eyes.

As man felt his life ebbing away, he gathered all his strength to do what he always wanted to do but did not have the time. He wanted to ask the questions this time, to his companion. With gasping breaths, he began.

“What do you think is the point of all this? Nature? Me? Work? The world? People?” he struggled for his last few gasps of air and then continued, “Don’t you wish a good god is in the middle of it all?”

His companion wept. And then He replied, “I am the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and The End. I hold all things together. And all things were made by Me. I am the God whom you said did not do much of a job at all. And I have never left you.”

Man, struck with awe, struggled for words, “Why didn’t you –“ he tried to ask. But his strength was already leaving him.

“I have always loved you. You never did outrun me. I was always there as I am here now. I wanted you to know Me. That’s why I asked you all those questions. I didn’t want to force you to love Me back. Because, then, it wouldn’t be love at all. It would be fear… This world is fallen. I am about to replace it. I wanted you to be a part of it. I wish you didn’t drive me away. We could’ve done so many lasting things together…”

Man struggled to speak. He had tears in his eyes. He seized up. The words would not come out. But three words managed to escape his lips, “H-how do I –“

And then man’s clock finally stopped. His body went limp. His eyes closed for the last time. His companion wept once more.