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Breaking Free From The Shadows

Apart from the physical, there are no clear boundaries in the stages of life. You don’t really know when your childhood is over and the teenage years had come. It’s not really clear when adulthood […]

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Danger Mongers

On my first year in a highly-urbanized city, I met a couple. They were clients who were doing well and in a position of some influence. One night, we had dinner. There was the usual […]

The Purity Pills

Halfway City used to be a great and awesome underground city. It was the most beautiful among the cities of refuge on this side of the world. It offered the best air technology that provided […]

What The Master Expects Of Us

I’ve been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 7 years now. We have regular Field Appraisal Reports in this job. FARs are when the supervisor evaluates my performances and me as an employee. I look […]