Purpose-Driven Selling


Not all sales people are driven by financial and material things. Not all are motivated by money, cars, investments, travel and properties. Not all of us are excited by trophies or pats on the back.

It may be hard to grasp, but for the believer in the sales industry, our work becomes part of our ministry.

To the onlooker, we may only be working to raise some numbers so we can acquire more incentives. It may even look like we’re wolves in sheep’s clothing. But there’s more to our jobs than just our calls and our sales reports. We are driven by something that the world of sales can’t understand and can’t accept.

When a Christian enters sales, his or her job becomes more than just a job. It becomes a means to reach a higher goal. It becomes a bridge to a higher purpose. This is the same purpose that other Christians possess: to glorify Jesus wherever we go and to share the faith with those around us.

This is why the Christian salesman is one of the most passionate workers out there. We view ourselves as ambassadors of Christ with a cloud of witnesses watching us. We cannot tolerate failure and corruption in our daily routine. We cannot rest until we have reached our goals. We can’t accept for our sales to go down and stay down. Why? Because we’re banner men of the Lord. We carry the Name of the King.

It’s for this same reason that we do everything we can to keep our work pure. We don’t want the Lord’s name be smeared by any questionable projects and transactions. Nor do we want to take credit for anything that we didn’t work hard for. It is our desire to present this -even this meager job- as holy and presentable to Him. The result is a worker more focused on the right things; a breeze of fresh air for our clients and co-workers.

Christian sales people are also very difficult to discourage and put down. No matter how difficult the quota is, regardless of the challenges, the believing salesman keeps hoping and keeps going. Its impossible for him or her to be depressed of a setback for long. It’s quite difficult to be sorrowful when you have His Spirit as a companion daily. How could we be hopeless and depressed? We serve an awesome and mighty God!

We are also the most grateful bunch of workers out there. We don’t need much to be content and joyful. Since the joy of the Lord is always in us, the incentives we earn become secondary. Most of the incentives are used for things that we believe will last for an eternity. We can be generous givers because the Lord’s teachings on sowing and reaping are magnified in our lives. And seeing the difference we make through the Church provides an incentive that nothing in this world can match. And so believing sales people live simply and have no problems letting go of luxuries.

All of that, plus a powerful prayer life, makes the Lord’s salesman unstoppable in his or her field.

Because obstacles will always be surpassed, doors will always be opened and the impossible will always be overturned with the Lord.

This is why we are often highly favored by our supervisors. We require little supervision. We no longer whine about problems and difficulties. We become part of the solution. We become mavericks that people can’t help but follow.

God provides something to His salesmen that is not available elsewhere. He provides them a powerful purpose for their work. And He never fails to provide them with purpose-driven sales.