Photo by Petr Kratochvil.
Photo by Petr Kratochvil.

In the very fast pace of sales, it’s easy to lose one’s self.

If you don’t spend some time to remember who you are, you’ll get dragged into places where you don’t belong. You lose your principles and try to adapt to someone else’s. You try to dream someone else’s dreams. You strive to enjoy things you have no feelings for. You try to chase after things that don’t matter to you at all. Then you lose your grip and slip into emptiness.

But the urge to conform is strong. The demand of the world is overwhelming. Quotas need to be reached, emails need to be replied to, calls and texts need to be answered, and the tasks are never-ending. We fear to lose our purpose.

“Where would I go if I get fired?” we ask the wind, “What would my friends think if I fail?”

As the sales man slumps and struggles to get on top of things, the coldness creeps in. What happens next will define his quality. Only one of three things can happen:

He can be the regular salesman who won’t take defeat. He won’t give up. He has gone this far and achieved this much, he won’t stop now. His pride becomes his strength. The regular salesman, under his own power, stands and goes back to work again. Eager to begin the cycle of elation, dullness and darkness once more.

Or he can be the defeated sales man who has accepted his fate. He doesn’t know what to do anymore. He wants to quit, but there is too much at stake. Too many people is depending on him now and he cannot give up. And the defeated sales man stands up too, wearily. He drags one foot before the other. He is trapped. He is alive and dead at the same time.

Or, he can be the Christian sales man. In his weariness and disillusion, he quickly seeks a quiet room. He locks the door, turns off his phone and collapses on the bed. He then cries to his God and Father in heaven. He prays for help and admits that he can’t do it anymore. Without his God, he will surely fail. Then, something happens – he is able to rest and sleep deeply. He has genuine peace despite of the storms. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds new strength that wasn’t there before. He reads his Bible and spends time with his Designer. He goes to church and is raised to greater heights by his siblings in the Lord. Then, he gets ready for work. His heaviness and weariness are gone, it was taken from him. His feet aches no more, for he is carried everyday on angels’ wings…

Which one would you become?