Not Everything That Hurts is Bad

Image by Morgue File
Image by Morgue File

I have a friend who lost a brother to an infection- a tooth infection. The minor tooth ache was ignored. Things got worse as time went by. When they finally went to the dentist, the infection has spread to the jaw bone and into the blood. One unfortunate event led to another and the man succumbed to infection and died.

I would like to state the obvious: this could have been prevented. The guy should have seen the dentist and went through the necessary procedures. Or better yet, he could’ve prevented the whole thing by having his teeth seen by the dentist at least annually.  He could be alive right now living out the purpose God has for him.

But that’s done. I hope he’s now happy in the presence of his Maker. What does this tell you and me though?

Not all that hurts is bad.

Pain not only tells us that our body is having a chemical imbalance (bad stimulus). It also tells us that something inside us is not right and needs fixing (good stimulus). And this applies physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What good stimulus could possibly cause us spiritual pain? God’s words in the Bible and the preaching of His servants causes a very painful spiritual stimulus.

In fact, the pain is so bad that most of those who are reading this will stop right about now because they’ve just realized that this is a Christian blog. Its so bad that upon seeing a preacher on TV or hearing one on the radio, most of us would immediately switch our units off without even bothering to check if he or she is the real thing. Yup, its that bad.

God’s words in the Bible is everlasting truth and they hurt without apology. They have life in them. They have the character and power of God in them. And His words retain their power regardless of who uses them: whether a genuine man of God or a false prophet. These words will hurt regardless of who carries them.

But why does it hurt that bad? The Lord’s words in the Bible hurt because it tells us that we are incomplete. It hurts because it confronts us with the fact that we are sick and we need Jesus to heal us. It hurts because it will convict us and persuade us to change the way we live.

And so we often choose to ignore the pain, look the other way and walk away as fast as we can. We don’t want to feel the pain. We don’t want to be bothered. We might even think that its better to just die than to face the cause of the pain.

But there are those who lean towards the pain. There are those who go through the discomfort just to find out what’s causing it. There are those who understand that, to get better, they have to let someone near the painful area to diagnose them. Someone whom they can trust. Someone who truly knows the way to eternal life. Someone who has been to heaven, earth and then back again. Someone who knew no sin and who broke no law. Someone who never condemns. Someone who is God and Man at the same time. Someone who gave everything up for them.

Christians live a hopeful, peaceful life because they made the decision once upon a time to meet the Great Physician.

So can you. Don’t wait for the infection to spread. Don’t let what you see and hear stop you. Have the courage to seek your Designer and Father at all cost. He is waiting for you in the Holy Bible and in your prayers.

Come near Him, and He will come near you.