Lessons from Physical Therapy: Wealth

In 2010, I made a 21-day devotional for my wife. I gave it to her on Valentine’s Day the following year. I’ve been thinking of Day 10 of that devotional the past few weeks. I’ve been compelled in my times of meditation to share this excerpt to the world. I don’t know why. Maybe you can tell me. Do leave your comments if there be any.

Money loses its power as we age. Image by Creative Commons.
Money loses its power as we age. Image by Creative Commons.

DAY 10

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her …”

Eph. 5:25


When I was still a Physical Therapist, I came across two stroke patients living sharply contrasting lives. One was a rich haciendero. The other was a poor old man.

The rich man had a huge mansion filled with servants. He had everything he wanted. But he was a very bitter and cruel man. His wife and children have abandoned him. His servants secretly mocked him. He had to hire nurses to help him with his bodily needs. We were all taking care of him simply for the money. He was an example of a man that everyone feared but not loved.

The poor old man was a complete opposite. He went to a government rehab to be treated and that’s how I met him. He always came wearing only ragged clothes and his distorted smile. His wife was always at his side. He hired no one to take care of him. But his family lovingly served him. Even in his condition, his wife served him sincerely. Even in their old age, they would share hearty laughters. In this poor old man’s eyes, I saw what happiness was like. God used this poor old man to teach me an important lesson. That Love is priceless. And wealth is overrated.

I do not expect Jem and Celine to serve me this much if I ever get disabled one day. I have seen how hard it is for family members to cope with life while caring for an ill family member. I would never want to be a burden to my family. My purpose is to make their life easier, not harder. But if that day of great sorrow ever comes, and I see my family caring for me out of love and with a smile, it will surely bring tears to my eyes.

I am healthy now at 30. I will strive to keep it that way as I age. Because if Jem would ever have to go through- God forbid- severe illness or disability, I would want to be strong enough to be her servant. I want to be the one giving her baths every day, feeding her meals, pushing her wheel chair, scheduling her medication or even changing her diapers- and not some random stranger for hire. When I married my wife, I have already seen the end. I knew that her youth will fade one day, and that I will have to be there for her. It will crush me to see her suffer, but I have chosen this beautiful woman to serve in sickness and in health.

I don’t know if Jem has the same level of commitment for me, we don’t really talk much about things like this. Nobody really knows what will happen in the future. It really doesn’t matter. I am and will always be her servant, her protector and her friend. No one else on this earth will take her place. The only time that I will let go of her hand, is the day when our God-King comes to take her away…