If your thoughts were broadcasted, what kind of channel would you be?

Image by Creative Commons
Image by Creative Commons

Its 10 in the evening and I’m flipping from one channel to the next. For the Nth time, I could not believe how I can’t find one channel that interests me even if I have around 80. Then I came across some channels that were all about basketball. I listened in for a while to a guy who could talk all about the sport non-stop.

I’m more of a UFC guy. I just enjoy watching the athleticism and courage. But I don’t go into it in-depth and I can live joyfully without it. I do watch the NBA at times when there’s a good match though. But I know lots of guys like this who seem to live and breathe basketball. Whether it be the NBA, FIBA or local games – they’re into it severely. Mastering, almost subconsciously, every detail about each team and player.

That’s how diverse we are and its amazing. There are those who are drawn naturally to sports, fashion, science, movies, news, etc. in different ways and during different seasons. And the numerous TV stations feed into this need to be entertained and so giving us the dozens of channels in our TV.

I wonder, if these channels somehow managed to broadcast your thoughts and mine — to what kind of category would the resulting show fall in? How many people would gravitate to your channel? How will lives be changed through watching the products of your mind?

As I think of this, I wish that I could get to a point that ALL things that ran through my mind are of the Lord’s. I’m wishing right now that if my thoughts were suddenly broadcast on Channel 23 and on the internet — live — people’s lives would be mended because they would see Jesus in it.

I wish that if everyone were to see and hear in real-time the things on my mind, my Redeemer would be magnified and glorified. And I hope that I would be that kind of man one day that pleases God, even in the secluded corridors of my mind.

What kind of channel would you like to be?