Image by Willemvdk via Flickr
Image by Willemvdk via Flickr

Two travelers visit India. Side by side they inhaled the mystic place.

One took a lot of pictures while the other would just look at the view with a contented smile. One abandoned all just to experience everything unique about the place; the other just went on with a serene smile in his face. One ate as much native food as he could; the other would just nibble a little of this and that with a satisfied grin. Near the end of the tour, one had his hands full of souvenirs while the other was empty-handed.

Finally, the eager traveler asked the other, “Why are you wasting your money?”


“You’re not getting your money’s worth. You should be jumping into every beautiful experience here; taking as much souvenir back home as much as you can. We foreigners can’t always come here,” he explained.

“Oh, I grew up here,” the serene traveler replied.

“But you don’t look like a native. And you’re touring with us foreigners. I don’t understand…” asked the confused tourist with an embarrassed giggle.

“Since you asked… I was in a ship wreck when I was a kid. Both my parents died. An Indian couple took me in and raised me in this beautiful place,” he looked at the setting sun and took a deep breath, “I can’t ever get enough of it. I join tours like this hoping to learn something new about it. But mostly, I come just to experience it over and over again… I live and work somewhere else now. But this— this is home for me. This is where I was rescued and given a second life. I will forever be indebted to it. I look forward to retirement here one day. For now, I just visit it as often as I could. But you know, as I ponder it, I don’t think I ever leave the place. Everywhere I go, I always carry India with me…”


Christians often feel like this Indian man in their daily life with the Lord. In that secret place where we meet with our Savior, we’re satisfied and content. Not an hour goes by without uttering a prayer under our breath. Not a day passes without desiring God and going to His presence. There is no need for a special reason or occasion to go. Believers are wired to go back to their Father like little children. There, we find rest and indescribable joy. The intangible place can only be compared to an oasis in an endless desert. It gives life and restoration that can’t be found elsewhere and can’t be acquired any other way.

While the others go berserk with their emotions during Christmas, Holy Week, All Souls Day, weddings, funerals, retreats and church services— the Christian just smiles with his hands in his pockets.

While the others look at these events as times of momentary piety, believers live and breathe them everyday.

While the rest of the world sees them as temporary breaks from the daily grind, Christians consider them the very entrance to their home.

We’re friends, colleagues and acquaintances; indistinguishable from the rest. Sometimes, at our worst, we might even stick out like a sore thumb. But we always rise again. We can’t help but to try and try again to be a better child to the Father. The power He gives drives us to ever new heights. And the love He grants brings us down to our knees in gratitude. There’s no other experience like it.

We may work and live with the rest of the world, but always, we carry heaven with us. Always, we look forward to home…