God’s Book of Secrets

There is a book that holds powerful secrets... Image by Jorge Royan via Wikipedia Commons
There is a book that holds powerful secrets…
Image by Jorge Royan via Wikipedia Commons

I enjoy watching History channel’s America’s Book of Secrets. It takes you through a series of information that few know about. Its exciting because some of the stories were once hidden from the public eye. It gives you a very interesting back story of history. It grants you access to information that, these scholars claim, only the U.S. President and a powerful few would know about.

There is another book that holds secrets more valuable than any confidential book in existence. Its content gives the reader more power than any information out there. Its so secret that only few could harness and decode it. Only few fully understand it and they are persecuted for it. It transforms the reader in such a way that his or her world turns upside down.

This book is God’s Book of Secrets:

The Holy Bible.

And just like any secret document, this book is encrypted. Only those who hold the prerequisites could understand what’s in it. This encryption is a work of genius. Anyone has access to it, but only few would be able to see the secrets that lie inside it. An unauthorized person who reads it will only see children’s bedtime stories, fables, fiction, contradictions and a waste of time.

But the person approved to access its secrets will have immense power. The power to change, to overcome, to go ever higher in life. As a result of this power, the reader will become fearless in whatever situation. The person will also have a desire and a passion that this world could no longer satisfy. He or she will do things for a much deeper purpose than ever before. All in all, the reader, over time, will break free from what everyone else is enslaved to in the world.

Would you like to have this power? Would you like to have this change? Would you like to have access to God’s Book of Secrets? Here’s how to decode it…

You must acquire the following:

  1. A broken soul. To see, you have to be desperate for it. You have to be tired of the best that earth has to offer. You have to have a great thirst for something higher. If you don’t, you will see only words. You will see only foolishness. How can one have a broken soul anyway?
  2. The Author’s approval. The Author I think you know. How to get His approval is what’s tricky. Some say its acquired through discipline and perfection. Some say its through solitude and meditation. How do you get the most powerful and the purest Being to let you in His chamber of secrets?
  3. The Author’s Spirit. This is the main key to see the secrets. It is the code. Rather, He is the code. Have Him and a new world will open up before you. But how do you get this pure Spirit to help you? How do you even get Him to show up?

These are the ways to decode God’s Book of Secrets. But I won’t detail here how one could acquire each. Why?

Because its a closely guarded secret, remember? =0)