David’s Deliverer

Why did King David call God his Deliverer? When the Lord tells us in the Bible that He will “deliver” His people, what does it mean? Why do we ask Him to “deliver” us from our sins in the Lord’s prayer?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word deliver as “to set free”, “to take and hand over” or “to surrender”… The meaning differs depending on how you use the verb. But in David’s case, the second definition would be the most appropriate application.

He calls God his Deliverer because when he faced the super soldier Goliath and he only had his faith, his sling and some small pebbles – God took him and handed him over to victory and glory. Both of which would have been impossible without God.

Its tempting to say, “Good for David, he has friends in high places. Too bad for me, I’m at the bottom of God’s priorities…”.

Its true that God favored David from the very beginning because he was after God’s own heart. That means that David didn’t want anything else in his life but God. When he did something, God was always first in his heart.

And that’s quite difficult to do in the 21st century, I admit that. Today, entertainment and information is literally just at the tip of our fingers. Knowledge is so easy to find. We don’t need anyone to explain anything to us, because we have a huge bank of information in the internet. Our prayer life and meditation is replaced by Google and YouTube. The modern man finds these sites more useful because they provide solutions within seconds. While prayer, church and Bible study – they take hours of your time without coming up with a solution.

Most don’t realize that Christians have something that David would have given all his royal treasury to acquire – the cross of Christ.

While David was a great man and a great King, he was still separated from God. He had faith, and God was pleased with that, but he didn’t have what you have: the very personal presence of God because of Jesus Christ.

What’s the value of that? Everything.

Because of what Christ did on the cross, David’s Deliverer is now your Deliverer. No, you’re far from deserving this gift, but He will create in you a pure heart. Yes, it’s impossible for you. But not for God.

To further illustrate this enormous favor from God, picture in your mind your favorite logistics company. What do logistics companies do? They deliver. Its not possible for you to take the plane just to deliver a parcel and go back again. It will take away too much of your time, your strength and money. So you go to the logistics company who specializes on doing that on a regular schedule for a small fee. So you, now, don’t have to do anything. You just stay where you are and your important parcel will be delivered to where it should go. You will have done something that would have been otherwise impossible without the logistics company – your “deliverer”.

I think you can sense where this is going now…

When Jesus died for you on that cross, He made David’s God, yours. Regardless of your past or your present situation. If you believe and ask Him to come into your life, He will come and never leave you. As you seek to know David’s God everyday, as you go deeper and deeper into the Spirit of God, you will find that He really does sees you as His very own son now. And as the day goes by, you will no longer recognize the person in your mirror.

David was just a favorite of God. The believer becomes a son or daughter of God. How much more will the Lord deliver His own to freedom, to victory to green pasture?

So. Much. More.

Its not possible for you – child of God – to get that job, that promotion, that home, that financial freedom that you aspire for, on your own. It is not possible for you to sever your ties with your most favorite sins on your own, because you really desire them and resisting fiery desires are quite difficult for all of us. But with your faith, your sling and some stones – it is. Why? Because David’s Deliverer is now yours. The same God who guided that pebble to the right spot on Goliath’s head will take even the smallest of your efforts further than you ever can. Yes, it’s too far. Yes, it’s too difficult a climb. Yes, it’s too painful a journey. And your Father in heaven is excited for you to get into that secret place and to call on your Deliverer.

God aches to be your Deliverer. If what you’re asking for is good and aligned to His plans for you, He’s excited to move alongside you.

He will strike down your goliaths one at a time. He will part your red sea one after another. He will feed your five thousand over and over again. Why? Because you have surrendered all to him as David did. Because you have received His Son Jesus into your heart and now claims you as one of His own. And when He does, He never will leave you.

Some aim to become like David and Solomon. They like referring to these great men when they commit adultery or when their flaws are singled out.They will quickly point out that even David and Solomon had concubines and were imperfect. So they too can have concubines and can keep their pet sin.

Modern day fools.

I think that’s a mistake. You and I were given so much more than David and Solomon combined. And so our goals must be higher.

Don’t aspire to be like David and Solomon. Aim to be better. Aim higher. Because the Son of God, Jesus, paid the highest price to make David’s Deliverer – yours.

Would you like to start that journey with Jesus? Would you like that new life and be that new creation? Would you like to discover more from God than the shallow knowledge that your friends have? Please pray this prayer in your own heartfelt words:

God of Heaven and Earth, God of the Bible. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God of Moses and Elijah. God of David and Solomon. I invite you to come into my life through the cross of Your Son, Jesus. I admit that I can’t do it on my own. I am a hopeless sinner and I can’t stop hurting you. I’m tired of it all. I need help. I surrender my life and my soul to you. I don’t know how this works, but please be my Father, my Savior and Deliverer. Bless me with faith. Change me from the inside and out. Set me apart and make me Yours. And as I wait for the change to come, I commit to get to know You in the Bible regularly, to get to know imperfect believers like me regularly, to be a part of your church, and to spend time with you often in moments of reflection. Thank you for Your love. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.

May 2014 be the year of the Lord Jesus for you.