Category: The Meek Salesman

The Lion’s Den

It often feels like that in sales – being in the lion’s den. It doesn’t matter if you chose to be in it or fate forced sales upon you, it feels the same when you […]


In the very fast pace of sales, it’s easy to lose one’s self. If you don’t spend some time to remember who you are, you’ll get dragged into places where you don’t belong. You lose […]

Nth Sense

Aside from the hard leg work, the roller-coaster of emotions, frustrated expectations, market confusion, ever-rising quotas and messy politics inside and outside the company – sales people deal with a lot of various stresses in […]

Purpose-Driven Selling

Not all sales people are driven by financial and material things. Not all are motivated by money, cars, investments, travel and properties. Not all of us are excited by trophies or pats on the back. […]

Sincerity Sells

Some of the famous selling strategies have been around for decades. The sampling method. Benefit-selling. Relationship-based selling. Money-begets-money approach. Selling using influence & popularity. The old-fashioned door-to-door, rapid-talk selling style. And more… These of course […]

The Thin Line

Corporate life is filled with thin lines and gray areas. There are too many rules that are open to individual interpretation. Often times, situations compel us to push on those thin lines to make things […]

What The Master Expects Of Us

I’ve been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 7 years now. We have regular Field Appraisal Reports in this job. FARs are when the supervisor evaluates my performances and me as an employee. I look […]