Author: Herbert

The Power of Christ Over Karma

I often hear fellow Christians stating that they fear Karma. They even strive to be nice & good in order to get good Karma. Most think that, if you do good things, good things will […]

Adrenaline Christians

Every new thing today is faster than its predecessor. Few, or maybe no products are made to slow things down anymore. Humanity thirsts and craves for things that would shrink the world further and speed […]

God’s Book of Secrets

I enjoy watching History channel’s America’s Book of Secrets. It takes you through a series of information that few know about. Its exciting because some of the stories were once hidden from the public eye. […]

What The Master Expects Of Us

I’ve been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 7 years now. We have regular Field Appraisal Reports in this job. FARs are when the supervisor evaluates my performances and me as an employee. I look […]

The Joy Of Surrender

Surrender, Submission, Capitulate, Yield, Concede, Succumb… These are just some of the words that not too many of us like. After seeing the recession of 2008 when those in authority failed to protect the public […]

Your Greatest Investment This 2013

No it’s not insurance, property or other financial instruments. There are already a lot of agents going around talking about those, month in and month out. I would like to draw your attention to a […]