Author: Herbert

Breaking Free From The Shadows

Apart from the physical, there are no clear boundaries in the stages of life. You don’t really know when your childhood is over and the teenage years had come. It’s not really clear when adulthood […]

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Danger Mongers

On my first year in a highly-urbanized city, I met a couple. They were clients who were doing well and in a position of some influence. One night, we had dinner. There was the usual […]

10 Thoughts On Jesus

Here are a few things to ponder as you go through this Lenten season. It’s a brief collection of studies of Bible scholars and teachers I’ve encountered through the years. For a more thorough study, […]

The Lion’s Den

It often feels like that in sales – being in the lion’s den. It doesn’t matter if you chose to be in it or fate forced sales upon you, it feels the same when you […]


In the very fast pace of sales, it’s easy to lose one’s self. If you don’t spend some time to remember who you are, you’ll get dragged into places where you don’t belong. You lose […]