A Plea for Help for Haiyan’s Victims in the Philippines

To this day, we here in the Philippines don’t know yet the full extent of the damage done by Haiyan (Yolanda to the Filipinos). Here’s what we do know for now…

Haiyan is one of the strongest or maybe the strongest storm ever to make landfall in world history.

The damage it did is beyond words. The Philippine government estimated more than 200 dead. But I think another estimate could be closer to the truth: about 10,000 dead.

Areas badly hit are Leyte, Samar, Northern Cebu, Northern Iloilo and Palawan. The worst hit known as of now is Tacloban City. At the time of this writing, there are still bodies lying everywhere. They’re uncollected since the local government there is unable to keep up with the volume of those who need help.

Multiple mass graves have been dug and covered up in Leyte since Haiyan left the country. This is to avoid diseases from spreading.

There is a massive shortage of food, water, clothing & shelter. Not to mention the absence of running water, electricity & telecommunications. Volunteers are having difficulty reaching affected areas due to blocked roads, fallen trees, structures and landslides.

There is looting and squabbling in affected areas and more Armed Forces are now being sent in the area.

What can you do to help?

We need loads of prayers.

We also need financial support for those in the affected areas. As for volunteers, there are already plenty trying to get there from all over the globe.

We need to ensure though that the hands and feet of the Lord over there have the logistics that they need.

Providing for their immediate, emergency needs will cost millions. Helping the locals stand back up on their feet will require more.

I think, at this point, we need to gather as much resources as we can while the whole world is concerned and tuned in. Because life always goes on and people tend to forget…

Please make a personal decision to help the victims of the most powerful storm ever to hit man. Your donation will save lives. You’ve been spared this horrible tragedy, not to gloat and move on, but so you can help and be a blessing.

How and Where to donate?

I’m not affiliated with any of these organizations but here are some reputable local & private institutions that will safeguard your donations:

Philippine Red Cross (accepts credit cards / PayPal)
ABS-CBN (TV network)
GMA 7 (TV network)
TV5 (TV network)
Air21 (Logistics company)
LBC (Logistics company)

These have their own websites. Just Google them if you want a faster delivery of your donations.

Whether its prayers, volunteerism or financial aid, in behalf of the Filipinos- a big THANK YOU.

May the Lord Jesus Christ haunt you with His mercy, grace and love all the days of your life. From this life to eternity.